March Jane Of The Month


Welcome to March running community! And with welcoming A new month we also welcome you to enjoy reading about our new Jane of the Month, Rachel Miura!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽!! Rachel is a graduate of Binghamton University located in New York and currently works as a PV Designer for SolarCity. Running, which was once just a side activity to get in shape for soccer, turned into a life long love and now Rachel chooses to race in anything over a 5k. Stayed tuned for more! Happy running 🏃🏽
Fun facts about Rachel:
Favorite workout: Long Runs
Influences in running: Teammates and Family
Favorite moment: Running the LA Marathon with a really great supportive group. (posters note: and totally kicking butt, placing 10th overall women in her first marathon).
Ideal running conditions: preferably a big mountains with a great view.
Goals for 2016: faster times on the track and half marathon.
Cheer Rachel on along with some other Janes this Friday at the Oxy invite. Details to come!