Nutrition for Athletes


Energizing Meal Guidelines for Runners

Carbohydrate foods (starches, starchy vegetables, fruit, and milk/yogurt) will provide your body energy.  It is important to choose the “right” type of carbohydrate to fuel your body. Click here to see which carbohydrates are the “right” ones.

Common Deficiencies in Endurance Female Athletes

Female athletes in particular need to take care that they are getting the nutrients necessary to sustain the kind of training that they endure on a day to day basis. Click here to see what those common deficiencies are and where you can find these food items in a daily diet.

Optimal Nutrition for Peak Performance

Our own resident sports nutritionist and fellow Jane, Emily Mitchell, tells us all what to eat to be healthy, strong and kick some rear out there. Click here to see what it takes.

Sports Nutrition Information

Check out these great handouts written by the American Dietetic Association for athletes. What should I eat before a workout? Click here to find out. What should I eat for recovery post workout or race? Check it out here. Should I eat while I am working out? You can find out here if you should. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Here’s why.